Summer Sore

First Day Of Treatment Of Summer Sore

Summer Sore

Three Weeks use of Derma CureRx


After trying medications from the veterinarian and several other over the counter remedies, nothing was working to clear up the scratches. I purchased Derma CureRX. We literally saw results over night. Derma CureRx is a MUST have in your barn and in your trailer. You Will be AMAZED at the RESULTS!!!!

Miranda Macintosh of Springboro, OH

We have had Certainly Flatlined aka "Peter" Since he was born and at shows he gets scratches and fungus on his hind legs. Using Derma CureRx is the only thing that has been able to relieve this problem.

Jay and Kristy Starnes of Summerton, SC

We had a horse that had some fungus on her back legs from salt water therapy. After trying two or three different products. We tried Derma CureRx and it began clearing it up with the third time we used it on her. We have used it on more then just scratches!!

Arron and Courtney Moses of Collinsville, TX

Proven Results!!!!